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Relevant Events believes in 

re-defining catering in New York.  

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”   

                            -James Beard

Relevant Events custom food + beverage believes in the art of catered events.


With over 15 years of experience, we are delivering the highest standards of food, beverage, service and all things relevant to your event:


Vibrant, seasonal food

Polished, professional staff

Delightful, hand-crafted cocktails


Our mission is help you find a vision for your event and to execute those stunning moments that are the benchmarks of a great experience; moments that will wow your guests and become memories for a lifetime.


Our goal is simple: to provide a seamless event from the planning to the partying.  


We are constantly seeking all things relevant.  To us, this means:


- the highest quality products

- curated sourcing from local purveyors

- vibrant vegetables & fruit from local farmer's markets

seasonally-inspired preparations

- refined presentations

- simply impeccable service executed with style & grace

- supporting similar small businesses

- community giving 



Most of all, we are dedicated to responsible, sustainable food sources.  


We are a small company capable of big things.

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